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At St Joseph's, every child belongs to a house.  Our houses are named after 4 saints:

  • St Matthew
  • St Luke
  • St Mark
  • St John

As part of rewards systems in school, the children earn house points.  Each week, these are collected toegther and celebrated in our Whole School Collective Worship.  Every term, the house who has earned the most house points recieve an extra playtime.

Take a look at our house points board in the entrance hall to see how many house points your house has earnt this term so far.

House Captains and Class Captains

This year, as part of our learning about DEMOCRACY, the children at St Joseph's have taken part in a whole school election for our new house and class captains.

As homework, the year 6 hopefuls created their own canvassing posters and wrote their own speeches sharing their strengths and qualities.

Here are some photos and videoes from the big event...

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