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Humanities at St Joseph's Catholic Primary School


Geography at St Joseph's is taught to inspire our children to question the world around them. We want to develop and deepen their geographical knowledge about our diverse world (places, people, resources and natural and human environments) combined with developing a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes. 

We have carefully mapped our curriculum to ensure that each topic builds on prior knowledge and understanding alongside the development of key skills such as an ability to interrogate sources, ask valuable questions and conduct research in an effective, efficient way.

We have a strong focus on sustainability, learning how to protect the environments and places. We learn about climate change and question, what can we do about it? We inspire our children to look deeper at the troubles we are facing and the small changes we can make to make a big difference.


At St Joseph's, our History curriculum is designed to pique the natural curiosities children have about the past, we deliver our lessons in a creative and inspiring way.

We use role play to help transport ourselves back in time, to feel what it is like to live through an air raid, or discover Tutankhamun's tomb for the very first time. We use artefacts and pictures, extracts, make use of media and the internet, as well as explore museums and have visitors in to share their expertise with us.

We explore our local history, history of our country and that of the wider world. Making comparisons with present day, discovering changes and people of History that have had an impact on our world. This allows our learners to understand key historical concepts such as viewpoint, chronology, cause and effect, and the significance of certain events.

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