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Curriculum at St Joseph's

We want our pupils to leave us as shining lights in the world who:

*Follow the example of Christ and  treat everybody with dignity and respect.

*Have aspirations to reach for the stars

*Have a sense of self-worth and self-belief

*Are life-long learners

*Show courage and character

*Are curious and knowledgeable about the World

*Make contributions to society and the World

*Can stand up for themselves without trampling the ideals of others.

*Can be resilient, learn from mistakes, and know how to fail and to try again

Our Curriculum Vision

Our Curriculum helps our pupils to SHINE for life through:

Weaving PSHE and Gospel Values throughout all we do

*Creating life-long disciples of Jesus

*Inspiring our children to be the best that they can be

*Providing meaningful contexts for learning

*Empowering children to be leaders in their learning

*Ensuring every child matters

*Teaching children life skills

*Allowing children to be creative and imaginative

*Linking the School, Parish and wider Community

*Celebrating being part of a Global family

*Developing awareness of current world issues and events

*Widening children’s horizons

*Allowing children to problem solve and think outside the box

*Encouraging risk-taking and embracing mistakes

*Working collaboratively

Shining in the Light of Christ to be the Best that we can be
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