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Meet Our Trustees

Our school is supported by a team of unpaid volunteers who make up the Trustee's Body.  Trustee's act as  "critical friends" to the school.  They are there to question, advise, support and challenge the senior leaders and to do so they draw on any specific professional skills they may have, or simply on the wisdom that comes with age and experience. 

Trustee's core role is to take an objective and strategic view across all issues impacting upon the school.  They are required to help determine and ratify school policies, especially those legally required, but do not normally get involved in how policies are implemented.  The staff are responsible for the day-to-day running of the school and a trustees role is strategic, not operational.  That means that the Trustee's are there to make sure that the policies and practices follow legal  requirements, so that the school provides a good education in a safe, secure environment.  And since St Joseph’s is a Catholic school, Trustee's are also there to support the Catholicity of the school and to ensure that the school’s policies and practice meet the requirements of the Bishop of Clifton.

There are 4 full Trustee meetings each year and also a number of sub-committee meetings. All trustees are required to participate actively, including in at least one these trustees’ sub-committees.  Foundation and Parent trustee's are encouraged to visit the school during the working day if at all possible.  Governors are linked to specific areas of focus linked to the School Development Plan plus those areas that are statutory required.


The Members of the Academy and sit above the Trustees are:

The Bishop of the Diocese of Clifton - Bishop Declan Lang

Diocese of Clifton Director of Education - Mrs Coleen Collette

The Financial Secretary of CCDEF - Ms Lynn Murray

The Trustees of St Joseph's are:

Position/Type of Trustee Name Appointed Governor role in another Educational Establishment Business/
Pecuniary Interests
Co Chairs of Trustees
(Foundation Trustee)

Mrs Jane Newell

Mr Richard Flaxbeard







Vice Chair of Trustee
(Foundation Trustee)

Mr Nick Dunne




Mr Matthew Cadman Sep-18 No No
Mrs Abbie Peach May 18 No No
Staff Trustees Miss Gemma Payne Sep-18 No No
Mrs Yvonne Wilkins Sep-17 No No
Parent Elected Trustees        

*Trustees are appointed for a 4 year term.

The Trustees are supported by a Clerk, the Clerk to the Trustees is: Mr Danny Holland who can be contacted either by speaking to the School Office or by email: dholland@stjosdevizes.wilts.sch.uk

The Chair of Trustees can be contacted either by speaking to the School Office (who will ask them to contact you) or by email: chair@stjosdevizes.wilts.sch.uk

The Committees & Membership are as follows:


Mrs Abbie Peach (Chair)
Mrs Yvonne Wilkins

Mrs Jane Newell


Mrs Abbie Peach
Mrs Yvonne Wilkins
Mrs Jane Newell

Finance & Premises

Mr Nick Dunne
Mrs Yvonne Wilkins

Mr Matthew Cadman

Mr Richard Flaxbeard

Miss Gemma Payne



Trustee Attendance Record at Full Trustee Meetiings for Academic Year 2019-2020:

Name 30th September 2019 2nd December 2019

25th March 2020

13th July 2020
Mrs Abbie Peach A A    
Mr Nick Dunne A Y    
Mrs Yvonne Wilkins Y Y    
Mrs Jane Newell Y Y    
Mr Richard Flaxbeard Y Y    
Miss Gemma Payne Y Y    
Mr Matthew Cadman A Y    
Mr Matthew Groom Y Y N/A N/A

Y = In attendance

A = Apologies Given

Abs = Absent

N/A = Not Appointed 

The following are Trustees that stepped down during the Academic Year 2019-2020:

Mr Matthew Groom - 31st December 2019

Trustrees Areas of Responsibilities 2019-2020

Health & Safety - Mr Nick Dunne 

Special Educational Needs - Mr Richard Flaxbeard

Literacy - Mrs Jane Newell

Numeracy - Mrs Jane Newell

Child Protection & Safeguarding - Mrs Abbie Peach

Early Years Foundation Stage - Mrs Abbie Peach

Mission & Vision - Mr Richard Flaxbeard

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