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The School Day

The school day runs as follows:

8:30 School opens and children and parents are welcome to come straight to classes.  We encourage parents to stay and support their children in their morning tasks. 
8:50 Registration
8:55 Lessons begin
10:30-10:50 Morning playtime
12:00-1:00 Lunchtime
2:15-2:30 Infant playtime (There is no afternoon playtime for juniors)
3:15 School finishes

At the end of the day, the infant children are collected by parents and carers in the top playground and juniors leave school by the gate from the lower playground.

There is a whole school assembly on Monday afternoons and each class prepares an assembly for parents during the school year. (See the newsletter for dates)
On other days there are infant and junior assemblies.

Drop-off time in KS1

In order to be sure of our safeguarding procedures, please take note:

Please can we remind you of the procedures in place for bringing children into school between 8.30 and 9.30am.

  • Parents/carers come into school from 8.30am and bring their children to the classroom.
  • Children work with their parents/carers on the tasks set by the teachers up until 8.45. It is also possible to have a quick word with the teacher at this time.
  • At 8.45am, there is a signal for the children to come together to be registered, and parents/carers leave the classroom.

Please remember that for the period 8.30-8.45am, parents/carers are responsible for their children.

Also, for safety reasons, and to reduce congestion, we prefer that buggies are not brought through to the classrooms.

We also prefer that Reception class children are brought through the playground, rather than through the Y1 classroom, apart from in bad weather.

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