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Maths is Everywhere! World Maths Day - 23rd March 2022

Maths Week 2021

This year we celebrated Maths week through stories!

Across the school we used different stories to help our children see number concepts in a wider environment which enabled them to actively explore the world around them. As you can see, the children have really enjoyed this approach to learning and we have been able to enjoy reading through a different subject!

For more information on using stories to illustrate Mathematical concepts go to mathsthroughstories.org or watch this video by Dr N.V Trakulphadetkrai, a lecturer on Primary Maths education from the University of Reading (one of the leading researchers into using stories to support Maths).

Teaching maths through storytelling.

Our intent for Maths

'I am better at my numbers. I didn't know them and now I do without counting!' Reception Child 'If we didn't have next steps how would we know what we need to do next?' Year 1 child 'I LOVE maths lessons; they are fun!' Year 1 child 'First I didn't know how to count and now I can count in 2's, 5's and 10's!' Year 2 child 'I like maths because I like to challenge myself and learn more.' Year 4 child 'If I am not confident then I can go over it again and it really helps.' Year 3 child 'I really like it, I think I am so much better at division now.' Year 4 child 'If I know the multiplication then I know the division!' Year 3 child

At St Joseph’s we intend to provide a quality curriculum that is aspirational and fosters a life-long appreciation, curiosity and enjoyment of Mathematics. We value mathematics as an essential, transferable life skill in which ALL can succeed. Our aspiration ‘to be the best we can be’ empowers our learners to ‘SHINE’ with a secure understanding of mathematics; fully equipped and confident to apply knowledge and skills through varied, appropriately pitched learning opportunities. We intend for our children to become ‘Masters of Mathematics’ with themes taught through a progressive and regularly revisited 'small steps' approach which coherently builds on what has come before. We use mistakes and misconceptions as an essential part of our learning process by encouraging resilience, adaptability and acceptance that ‘struggles’ are often a necessary step in learning. This, alongside meaningful and purposeful problem solving and reasoning woven through every math’s lesson, provides our learners with the breadth and depth of understanding to succeed and SHINE.

Our intentions are fully underpinned by the aims of the National Curriculum which states that ALL children:

* Become fluent in the fundamentals of Mathematics.

* Are able to reason mathematically.

* Can solve problems by applying their mathematics.

St Joseph's Maths Curriculum

Maths Policies

Lesson progression and structure

Lesson progression

Teaching Times Tables at St Joseph's

How we teach timestables at St Joseph's.mp4

Fact Fluency...

KS1 fluency progressionKS1 fluency progression pg2

British Values in Maths

At St Joseph's, all pupils are encouraged to achieve their maximum potential through Maths lessons and learn the importance of Maths in all aspects of life and recognise how integral mathematics is to an independent future.

STEM sentences and vocabulary:

SMSC in Maths

In Maths lessons pupils are encouraged to delve deeply into their understanding of Mathematics and how it relates to the world around them. Our Maths teaching actively encourages risk taking which enables pupils to explore and try new ideas without the fear of failure. This is fundamental to building pupils self esteem within Mathematics.

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